A modern approach to the 2-Tone Ska sound

New Album in 2016 

We are working on a new album at Shock and Audio Recording Studios in Minneapolis. Andrew Zoellner returns to produce and engineer after having worked on our last EP Refill. The album is called Rotate and will feature many of the songs we have played in our set over the last few years. 

Thank You Etana and Ryan Daniels  

Umbrella Bed's recent show with International reggae artist Etana and Minneapolis hip hop reggae artist Ryan Daniels   held at the always fabulous Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis was a smashing success. If you don't know these artists, you should check them out. 


Previous events



Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

RockSteady Breakfest, Umbrella Bed and the Prizefighters unite to provide the music behind the real show - everyone dressed up to impress. Time for the audience to shine.

Umbrella Bed/20th Anniversary Show

Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN

Umbrella Bed plays @ 10 pm

The Hennepin County Millionaries Club @ 9pm Rude Girl closes out the night


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